Sexual Behaviours among Orphaned Adolescents in Nigeria: A Social Approach

  • NC Ndubisi


Teenage sexual behaviours present a myriad of problems to the orphaned adolescents, the immediate family, and the society, all of which invariably end up with aborted prospects of developing to the limits of their full potentials. Most of these adolescents have no knowledge of the implications of indulging in adolescent sexual behaviour. This paper examines some of the factors responsible for orphanhood in Nigeria and the causes and consequences of teenage sexual behaviours, with a view to identifying some of the control measures that could be effective in enhancing the social functioning of the orphaned adolescents in Nigeria. The paper concludes by highlighting the implication of social work practice on sexual problems of adolescents.

Keywords: Sexual behaviour, orphans, adolescents, social work.


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eISSN: 1596-8308