Federalism and Ethnic Violence in Nigeria: Past Present Issues

  • D Hassan
  • AS Issa


The paper examines ethnic violence in Nigeria: current problems and future prospects. It observes that the Nigerian federation being a pluralistic and extensively heterogeneous one is prone to violence. The paper highlights the nexus between federalism and ethnic violence. It argues that although there are some faulty lines in the practice of federalism in Nigeria and a wrong appreciation of the values inherent in it, ethnic violence should be addressed by government and the government should re-examine how best to constitute the Nigerian federation so as to endow it with justice, fair play, equity, objectivity, neutrality and mutual coexistence among the various ethnic groups in the country. In doing these, the paper believes that the Nigerian federation will attain lofty heights and brighter prospects.

Keywords: Federalism, ethnic, violence, Nigeria


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eISSN: 1596-8308