Tourism Development, Poverty and Unempolyment

  • ISY Oluwatoyin


This study focused on the future of tourism in Lagos state. It gave thorough analysis on the development and potential of Lagos carnival, and further exposes the contribution of the maiden edition to the growth of tourism generally. The state government in it concern for diversification of the economy in the areas of employment status, revenue generation and other socio-economic variables had invested in the carnival so as to develop tourism sector. Thus, Lagos carnival 2010 had played a great role in improving the standard of living of participants and justified the fact that promotional items, such as painting of houses, face painting, sales of costumes, etc, improved their socio-economic status and thereby, it empowered the residents and participants of the carnival.

Keywwords: Tourism, carnival, poverty, unemployment


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1596-8308