Design and Construction of a Car Immobiliser with SMS Alert

  • AG Ibrahim
  • OD Oyedum
  • SSN Okeke
  • AO Adetoba


As technological knowhow is on the increase, so also are those of criminals and die hard professional thieves who beat existing car security gadgets to carry out their notorious activity. One advantage such criminals enjoy is the inability of existing car security gadgets to establish communication between the car and its owner from the exact instant of intrusion. This gives criminals ample time to deactivate the car security. This work bridges this gap using a common and handy everyday communication tool, the mobile phone. With the very wide GSM coverage, one of its products, the Short Message Service (SMS) can be employed to send an alert to a vehicle owner who in turn sends an instruction to the car, to initiate safe and remote vehicle immobilization.

Keywords: Immobilizer, S.M.S, micro-controller, sensor, and activation/de-activation


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1596-8308