Gender, Teamwork and Management: A Glimpse into the Nigerian Situation

  • D Imhonopi
  • UM Urim


Many organisations and nations today are turning to teams to manage their operations and help them reach their goals and objectives in a competitively charged business environment as is experienced in the present global arena. However, as much as teamwork is fancied in the workplace today, team processing is not without its gender-specific prescriptions and guidelines. In this study, the authors have shown, through the abundance of gender literature reviewed, that organisations and workplaces are not gender-neutral and thus are influenced in their operations, decisions, team processing, division of tasks and labour by embedded gender considerations. Although, the gendered workplace may not be altered anytime soon because of the institutionalisation of gender, however, this paper has attempted a glimpse into the Nigerian situation and highlighted ways by which teamwork can become effective in the workplace.

Keywords: gender, gendered organisations, team, teamwork, management


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eISSN: 1596-8308