A Review of Graeme Sullivan's Art Practice as a Research

  • E Ngene


This paper reviews Art practice as a research an inquiry in the visual arts by Graeme Sullivan. It briefly discusses his positions regarding art practice as a research. The paper further discusses Graeme Sullivan’s suggestions on the options to use in conducting an art research one of which is qualitative research method. Art practice encourages qualitative research and discourages the use of scientific methods because it deals with probability and figures. Graeme Sullivan’s volume recognizes the old paradigm of conducting research, which gives the artist the opportunity to identify an issue which he imaginatively inquires into in order to create knowledge that is novel. The paper ends with a conclusion which explains that art practice as a research has opened new avenues for the artist to conduct research.

Keywords: Art, research, visual, imaginative, knowledge


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eISSN: 1596-8308