E-learning as a veritable human resource development strategy for Nigeria

  • B Vikoo
Keywords: E-learning, human resource development


Students’ learning in tertiary institutions all over the world has undergone tremendous transformation, especially since the advent of Information and Communications Technology (ICT). There is a shift from the traditional approach of teacher-directed or didactic methods to modern methods where computer technology plays a significant role. The aspect of ICT that has brought about this revolution in students’ learning is e-learning. This paper discusses the generational changes in distance learning of which e-learning is a part. It presents five generations of distance education models with the most preferred now being Internet-based distance education or e-learning model. Four types of distance education based on proportion of content delivered online, types of courses and typical description are also presented in the paper. E-learning as the current best human development innovative tool as well as the vision and strategy for human resources development in a digital economy through e-learning is further discussed. The paper concludes with a call on developing countries like Nigeria to emphasize a change to e-learning for her human resources to be relevant in the present era of globalized digital economy.

Key words: E-learning, human resource development


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