Rural women’s awareness about environmental education

  • L Akoroda
  • O Ugboh
  • A Mayah
Keywords: rural women, awareness, environmental education


The paper is focused on rural women’s awareness about environmental education. Data were collected with the aid of a structured questionnaire administered to 78 respondents in a Niger Delta area of Nigeria. Data analysis was by frequency, percengates and pearson product moment correlation. Findlings revealed that rural women in the study area are relatively young, and are married. Awareness level concerning environmental issues was generally high, which suggested that rural women appreciate their environment since they are conversant with the issue of environment and possibly the management of the environment. Women have been known to be managers of the home and also their surrounding, so this is a true reflection of their development capabilities. Education and occupation are the two most important factors that affect the awareness level of rural women in the study area. Based on the findings of the study, it was recommended that there is the need for government and non-governmental organisations to help create more awareness about issues related to management of the environment. Rural women should be given every possible assistance to acquire education so that they can be more aware of issues related to the environment. Rural women should be employed appropriately so that they can apply their management abilities adequately. There is need for regular training in the rural areas for women in the area of environmental management to empower them in the right manner.

Key words: rural women, awareness, environmental education


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