The national building code, indigenous contractors enforcement and compliance with standards

  • PN Opara
  • IE Egwu
  • S Owochie
Keywords: national building code, indigenous contractors, enforcement, standards


Before the introduction of the building code, in Nigeria, there was no realistic Legislature, control or moderation in the building industry. The introduction of the building code is a well come development. The problem that is facing the building code and the nation is the issue of implementation, enforcement and compliance especially as it relates to indigenous building contractions, most of the cases of building collapses in Nigeria that clamed lives and properties what millions of Naira had to do with indigenous building contractors. This paper therefore deals with the overview of the building code, implication of the building code to indigenous building contractors, implementation enforcement and compliance by the indigenous building contractors. The paper made some recommendations thus: the code enforcement unit/section/department must be established and empowered to function in various institutions, parastatals, and all levels of government. Collaborative effort of corporate bodies, organizations and Non government organization (NGOs) is also solicited. The provisions of code should cover their activities for the full realization of the objectives. Partial implementation of this code may result if the professionals do not guide against jealousy. Professionals must close rank. Professional bodies in the industry should unite and take this gospel to all the other states of the federation.

Key words: national building code, indigenous contractors, enforcement, standards


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eISSN: 1118-5570