Journal of Technology and Education in Nigeria

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Influence Of Gender Stereotyping Of Science Subjects On Secondary School Students\' Attitudes Towards Science In Bomet District Of Kenya

HK Barchok, JM Changeiwo, SW Wachanga


Secondary school students in Kenya have continued to register below average performance in science subjects over the years. In addition, girls have been performing dismally in science subjects as compared to boys leading to their under representation in science in postsecondary school institutions. Education stakeholders in Bomet District attribute this poor performance to unfavourable attitudes held by students towards science subjects. The factors that influence formation of attitudes towards science need to be understood if science teachers are to succeed in their endeavour to foster development of favourable attitudes in their students. This study examined the influence of the Gender Stereotyping of Science Subjects (GSTSS) on students\' Attitudes Towards Science (ATS). Correlational research design was used in which a random sample of 378 was obtained in Bomet District. A Student\'s Attitudes and Stereotyping of Science Questionnaire (SASSQ) was used in data collection. Data were analysed through Pearson product-moment correlation and t-test. Results show that students in Bomet District generally have moderately positive ATS. The relationship between ATS and GSTSS though positive is insignificant at α = 0.05. This suggests that the students\' stereotypic ideas about science are less likely to influence their ATS. Science teachers should therefore ensure that male and female students are treated equally without biases in order to encourage them develop favourable ATS.

Keywords: gender stereotype, science subjects, secondary school students\' attitudes

Journal of Technology and Education in Nigeria Vol. 12 (1) 2007: pp. 1-16
AJOL African Journals Online