Journal of Technology and Education in Nigeria

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Reforming The Structure Of Technical Business Education In Nigeria

IF Nyanabo


Business education is a sub sector of technical education. This paper takes the position that technical education as now organized appears to dump both recipients and lecturers into dead-end educational and career positions in Nigeria. Therefore, the polytechnics and colleges of education (technical) are not the first choice of the brighter students and lecturers when deciding on educational and career paths. The likely effect is that technical education may be unable to play the expected pivotal role in the national economic empowerment and development strategy (NEEDS) and the millennium development goals (MDGS). It is postulated, among others, that technical education be streamlined in the 9-3-4 system in such a way that the colleges of education (technical) and polytechnics become the apex for technical education and therefore produce people who will be managers in their chosen fields.

Keywords: structure of technical business education

Journal of Technology and Education in Nigeria Vol. 12 (1) 2007: pp. 27-34
AJOL African Journals Online