Journal of Technology and Education in Nigeria

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Conversion Of Automobile Hydraulic Jack To A Sheet Metal Press: A Technological Alternative To Manual Hammer Sinking Of Non-Ferrous Metals

K Emeriewen, M Ukueku


Fabricating articles from ferrous and non-ferrous metals involves a range of specialised operations. Metal Sinking, also referred to as metal pressing is one of such operations. There is also the manual hammer sinking of metals on wood mould. This maybe described as effective, but quite a labourious means of shaping metals. However, the crux in this study is an effort on the part of the researchers to evolve a technological alternative to manual hammer sinking of metals. It is a systematic process of converting a ten-ton automobile hydraulic jack to a sheet metal press. The result recorded was quite positive. Findings also revealed that the converted automobile hydraulic jack as sheet metal press has great potentials, against the backdrop of the manual hammer sinking methodology of pressing metals. Finally, the converted jack as sheet metal press is recommended as a useful and new technology in metal smithing. It could be employed by allied craftsmen in small-scale massproduction of some non-ferrous metal articles.

Keywords: automobile hydraulic jack, sheet metal press, technological alternative, nonferrous metals.

Journal of Technology and Education in Nigeria Vol. 12 (2) 2007: pp. 30-39
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