Types Of Wastes And Their Effect On The Environment In Enugu State, Nigeria

  • PN Opara
  • AA Ogudu
Keywords: waste management, control


The study examined types of wastes and their effect on the environment in Enugu state, Nigeria. Data was collected with eth aid of structured questionnaire from 100 respondents from the study area. Data analysis was by the use of descriptive statistics. It was found that wastes of rice husk, sawdust waste, wastes of coconut shell, waste of coconut fiber, waste of pure water bags were the types of wastes identified in the study area. The findings revealed that waste refuse disposal causes traffic jam on the roads in Enugu state, waste of materials together with waste of polythene materials is a predisposing factor to infectious disease and waste refuse causes air pollution. Ways of managing wastes as found in the study included the fact that waste of aluminium metals in the environment can be moulded; that the treated rice husk waste can be used to manufacture roofing sheets etc and that treated coconut shell waste in the environment can be used to manufacture ceiling board. Findings showed that the cabocleanse chemical oil is used to make local waste materials such as rice husk and saw dust useful; and that waste of can bottles in the environment need to be recycled, so that it will be useful. Recommendations made include the following: Government should give

incentive to industries and researchers to help design and invent machines and systems that will be able to carryout the recycling process; Universities and researchers should devote more time in productive research work in a determined effort to manage waste better; The waste management board environmental sanitation should embark on more extension services, workshops and general public education on the need to manage and control waste properly; The public in their own hands should take pains in carrying out the waste management and control exercise to salvage man, living things and the biosphere in general.

Key words: waste management, control


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