Journal of Technology and Education in Nigeria

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Comparative Study of Internal Efficiency in Private and Public Primary Schools of Manga Division, Nyamira District

O Sureiman, NM Kiveu


The education sector has been undergoing regular reviews so that to improve efficiency and cost effectiveness in resource utilization. This study was designed to make a comparative study of internal efficiency in both private and public primary schools of Manga Division, Nyamira District, Kenya. Specifically, the study not only sought to determine the relationship of reciprocal of the unit recurrent expenditure to the output indicators for both private and public primary schools but also to establish the more internally efficient. Descriptive correlation design was adopted as stratified random sampling technique was employed to select the sample. Quantitative data was analyzed by correlation techniques while qualitative one done by content analysis. In both private and public primary schools, the study established a non-linear relationship of the reciprocal of unit recurrent expenditure to majority of output indicators except to transition rate and examination performance improvement where there is no relationship. Internal inefficiency also exists in both private and public primary schools but it is more pronounced in the latter. The policy options for the study are also outlined.

Key Words: Internal efficiency, Public schools, Private schools

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