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Syntheses and antimalarial screening of some trisbenzylamine analogues

EO Afolabi
FM Agwom
UO Quadri
D Arome
TE Alemika


A number of literature reports have implicated some tris-benzylamines isolated from plant origin to be responsible for their anti-malaria activity. In view of these claims, we synthesized six analogues of tris-benzylamines and screen them for in-vivo curative anti-malaria activity. All the compounds synthesized showed good curative activities against infected Mice with Plasmodium berghei with dihydroartemisinin as positive control. The lethal dose [LD50 (mg/Kg)] in Mice of the compounds were predicted with ACD/iLab computer software. The structures of the compounds were confirmed with their mass spectra fragmentation patterns.

Keywords: Tris-benzylamine; Antimalarial; Dihydroartemisinin; Plasmodium berghei berghei

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eISSN: 0189-8442