Hepatoprotective effect of leaf extracts of Crassocephalum rubens (Juss. ex Jacq.) S. Moore in rifampicin-induced oxidative stress in Swiss mice

  • Ehimwenma S Omoregie
  • Osarhieme T Okugbo
  • Ehigbai Oikeh
  • Francis Irabor
Keywords: Crassocephalum rubens, rifampicin, oxidative stress, antioxidant, liver injury


The effect of extracts of  Crassocephalum rubens leaf on some biochemical indices in rifampicin-induced oxidative stress in mice was investigated. Dried macerated leaf samples were extracted in either  ethanol or distilled water. The in vitro antioxidant study revealed that the aqueous extract of C.  rubens contains significantly (p < 0.05) higher amount of proanthocyanins (20.0±0.15 mg catechin  equivalent/g extract) and flavonoids (66.0±1.44 mg rutin equivalent/g extract) when compared with the ethanol extract (12±0.18 mg catechin and 40±0.26 mg rutin equivalent/g extract, respectively). However, the ethanol extract showed significantly (p < 0.05) higher total phenol content (80±3.8 mg gallic acid equivalent/g extract) than the aqueous counterpart (68.0±2.4 mg gallic acid equivalent/g extract). DPPH radical scavenging ability of the aqueous extract (IC50 = 60.74 µg/mL) compared favourably with that of vitamin E (IC50 = 59.74 µg/mL) but was higher than that of the ethanol extract (IC50 = 112.48 µg/mL). Results from the animal study showed increased (p<0.05) activities of AST, ALT, ALP, MDA and low GSH levels in the rifampicin (300mg/kg body weight) exposed mice. But  co-administration of rifampicin with the extracts (300 mg/kg body weight) or vitamin E (100 mg/kg body weight) resulted in a reversal of these trends. The protective effect of the extracts was more prominent in the aqueous extract treated mice and this may be attributed to the higher polyphenol content, radical scavenging ability and antioxidant activity of the extract. These findings suggest a protective role of Crassocephalum rubens extracts against oxidative stress related liver injury.

Keywords: Crassocephalum rubens, rifampicin, oxidative stress, antioxidant, liver injury


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eISSN: 0189-8442