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Chemistry of natural products: A veritable approach to the development of drugs for combating current and future diseases of global health importance

Karniyus S. Gamaniel, Kudirat B. Mustapha, Taiwo E. Alemika


The earth’s resources, especially natural products, are no doubt important materials from which mankind continues to derive numerous benefits. Natural products, especially plants have historically served as sources of pharmaceuticals, either as drugs or as leads. Even with the advent of newer technologies such as combinatorial chemistry, robotics, high throughput screening (HTS), bioinformatics, and in silico molecular modelling, natural products still play a crucial role in drug discovery. This is because they provide an unparalleled range of chemical diversity on which the newer technologies find leverage. Thus in combating current, emerging and future diseases of global importance (such as malaria, pain, Alzheimer’s, HIV/AIDS, Lassa fever, Ebola virus disease, and Zika virus disease) natural products still remain the veritable resource scientists can, and indeed, must rely on.

Keywords: Natural Products; Chemistry; Medicinal Plants; Drug Development
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