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Granule properties of paracetamol made with Bombax ceiba gum

JD Audu-Peter, W Bako, JK Vandi


Bombax ceiba gum was extracted from the calyx of the Bombax flower using both hot and cold water extraction method. The gum was used as binder to prepare paracetamol granules in concentrations of 1, 1.5, 2, and 3 %. Acacia
gum was used to prepare the standard at the same concentrations. The granule properties of all the batches; angle of repose, flow rate, true density, Carr’s compressibility, Hausner’s quotient, moisture content, bulk and tapped
densities, granule porosity and particle size distribution were evaluated. The results show that though hot water extraction method gave a higher percentage yield, the gum obtained from cold water extraction method gave a much more suitable granule property when compared with the standard used.
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