Characterisation of 7-O-methylcupressuflavone, a biflavonoid from the leaves of Lophira lanceolata

  • AA Sani
  • TE Alemika
  • IM Sule
  • M Ilyas
  • AK Haruna
  • SS Abdulkareem
Keywords: Lophira lanceolata, Ochnaceae, Cupressuflavone, Biflavonoid


The acetone extract of the leaves of Lophira lanceolata (Ochnaceae) was subjected to extensive column and thin-layer chromatography on silica. This yielded a biflavonoid identified as 7-O-methylcupressuflavone. The structure was elucidated using spectroscopic techniques, - UV, IR, NMR (2-D) and MS (Electrospray Ionisation – ESI). Preparation of methylated and acetylated derivatives was carried out, for confirmation. Spectroscopic data obtained are consistent with literature values for 7-O-methylcupressuflavone.

Keywords: Lophira lanceolata; Ochnaceae; Cupressuflavone; Biflavonoid


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eISSN: 0189-8442