Synthesis of sugars catalysed by microgel conjugated rabbit muscle aldolase in aqueous and aqueous-organic solvents I

  • ME Sesse Koker
Keywords: Microgel-Aldolase, Aldehyde acceptors, Aqueous-organic solvents


Microgel has been prepared and covalently conjugated to rabbit muscle aldolase and employed to catalyse reactions between dihydroxyacetone phosphate, DHAP natural and non-natural acceptors aldehydes in aqueous, aqueous – organic solvents at ambient temperature. The microgel conjugated enzyme was found to be more stable than the unbound free enzyme and catalysed reactions faster than the latter and in good yield. Reactions took place in aqueous-organic solvents though they were generally slower than in aqueous medium. The generation of a non-natural sugar utilising this microgel enzyme mediated reaction is presented.

Keywords: Microgel-Aldolase; Aldehyde acceptors; Aqueous-organic solvents


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eISSN: 0189-8442