Hypoglycaemic effect of Allium sativum (aqueous extract) on normal and alloxan-induced hyperglycaemic Wistar rats

  • D Atsukwei
  • SO Odeh
  • UG Egesie
  • SA Seriki
  • TP Yakubu
Keywords: Allium Sativum, Hypoglycaemic activity, Diabetes mellitus


This study was carried out to evaluate the hypoglycaemic effect of aqueous extract of Allium Sativum (ASEt) in normal and alloxan induced hyperglycaemic rats. Hyperglycaemia was induced in the animals by intraperitoneal injection of alloxan monohydrate dissolved in sterile normal saline in a dose of 150mg/kg body weight. After 48 hours of the injection, rats with hyperglycaemia were used for the study. Blood samples were collected from the tail of the rats and blood glucose concentration was determined using a glucometer. The rats were divided into groups I – VI. Different concentrations of the extract per kilogram body weight were administered orally to different groups for seven consecutive days. Results showed that ASEt significantly (P < 0.05) lowered the fasting blood glucose dose dependently in alloxan induced hyperglycaemic rats, and in normoglycaemic rats that received 1000mg/kg/day of ASEt. However, Allium sativum showed no significant (P > 0.05) reduction in the fasting blood glucose of normoglycaemic rats that received 500mg/kg/day of ASEt.

Keywords: Allium Sativum; Hypoglycaemic activity; Diabetes mellitus


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eISSN: 0189-8442