Utilization of vast Nigeria’s bamboo resources for economic growth: a review

  • H.L. Ladapo
  • O.O. Oyegoke
  • R.O. Bello
Keywords: Bamboo, resources, industries, economic development


Bamboo is recognized as an industrial raw material globally and has tremendous potentials for the economic development of the nations. This paper reviewed the potentials of the abundant Nigeria’s bamboo resources used for house construction, household items, biofuel, charcoal, pulp and paper, irrigation and drainage pipes, textiles materials, chemical and pharmaceutical products. It also reviewed the challenges facing the development of the bamboo industries. The policy makers lack the general understanding of the industrial potentials of bamboo. Despite the vast bamboo resources and species in the nation, the Nigerian government has not fully recognized the importance of bamboo and its role as a substitute to wood in major applications and how it can boost the economy. Recommendations highlighted for the harnessing of the resources included National Bamboo Policy and Nigerian Bamboo Producers development. A bamboo inventory of quantity, quality, species and distribution across the nation must be provided. Government should also promote of bamboo tenure system and incentives to encourage its cultivation among local farmers.

Keywords: Bamboo, resources, industries, economic development


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print ISSN: 2141-1778