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Effect of periods of hydro-priming and seed weights on the germination of Vitex doniana sweet seeds

D.O. Adelani, R Suleiman, E Apene


There is paucity of information on breaking the dormancy of Vitex doniana through hydro-priming. Hydropriming is the method of ensuring uniform and high germination percentage, by soaking seeds in water and follow by drying of seeds, while the emergence of radicle is prevented. There is need to determine the appropriate periods of hydropriming to prevent over or under hydro-priming of seeds. In light of this, investigation was conducted on the effect of periods of hydro-priming and seed weights on the germination of V.doniana seeds. To assess the effect of periods of hydropriming (0, 6, 12, 18, 24 and 36hrs) and three seed weights (1.2, 1.4 and 3.3g) on the germination of V.doniana seeds, a split-plot experimental design with five replications was employed. Result revealed that periods of hydropriming significantly (P<0.05) enhanced the germination of V.doniana. A significant germination percentage value of 50% was recorded in seeds hydroprimed for 36hours. Germination percentage of seeds increased with the increasing periods of hydropriming. Highest germination percentage value of 40% was recorded in average seed size of 1.4g A significant germination percentage of 100% was recorded in 1.4g seeds hydro-primed for 36hours. Least mean germination time of 8days was recorded for 1.4 and 3.3g seeds. Hydro-priming of 1.4g for 36hours enhances the germination percentage of V.doniana seeds. The study therefore recommends hydro-primng of 1.4g seeds for 36hours for mass production of its seedlings for agro-forestry systems.

Keywords: Dormancy, Soaking and drying of seeds, Pre-sowing treatment, Germination, Agro-forestry species

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