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Incidence of schistosomosis in mongrel in communities in Ikwuano Local Government Area, Abia State, Nigeria

R.I.O. Nwoha, C.V. Agu


Zoonotic infectious agents are among the most prevalent on earth and are thought to be responsible for more than 60 per cent of all human infections and also 75 per cent of emerging human infectious diseases. This study investigated the existence of schistosomosis in dogs in Ikwuano communities as possible source of human infection. Samples were collected from dogs within 20 out of a total of 36 communities in Ikwuano Local Government Area of Abia state. Both faecal and anal swab samples were collected from dogs of various breeds, age bracket and sex. Samples were analyzed using direct microscopy of faecal and anal swab samples, sedimentation and feacal salt flotation techniques. Data obtained was analyzed using descriptive statistics. The incidence of the disease was determined and presented in percentage. Out of a total of 20 communities’ sampled only 2 namely Amaoba ime and Afa communities were positive for schistosomosis. Out of 23 dogs sampled in Amaoba ime, 6 were exotic while 17 were Mongrels. All the exotic were negative while 3(13.0%) out of the 17 mongrels were positive. Out of these, 18 were females with 2(8.7%) positive cases and 16 (70.0) negative cases. Out of the 5 males sampled only 1(4.3%) was positive while 4 (17.4%) was negative. A total of 14 adults were sampled with 2(8.7%) positive cases and 14 (61.0%) negative cases. Out of the 9 puppies sampled only 1(4.3%) was positive while 8 (34.8%) were negative. In Afa community, only 2 (14.3%) negative exotic breeds were sampled out of 14 dogs. Out of the 12 mongrels sampled, 11(78.6%) were negative while 1(7.1%) was schistosoma positive. All the 6 females sampled were negative while 1(7.1%) out of the 8 males was positive. Out of a total of 14 adults, only 1(7.1%) was positive while 13(92.9%) were negative. No puppy was sampled within the area.

Keywords: Exotic, mongrel, schistosome, dogs, ikwuano, Abia, State

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