Development of tree height-diameter models for Arakanga forest reserve, Abeokuta, Ogun state

  • K.D Salami
  • A.O Agbo-Adediran
  • D.A Kankomi
Keywords: Tree Height-Diameter, Arakanga, Forest Reserve and Abeokuta


The study focused on the development of models for height- diameter relationship for Arakanga Forest Reserve. A Random sampling technique was dopted for sample plot allocation while a total of 10 sample plots of 25 X 25m were laid in line transects for data collection. A total of 163 trees were encountered. The data collected was subjected to descriptive and inferential statistics. The mean DBH and the mean Height for the study area were 55.69cm and 13.25m respectively. The Height- diameter relationship was modelled using Curve Expert Professional software. Ratkowsky, Logistics and Richards models gave good result in describing the relationship between DBH and Height. All three models had the lowest AICC value of 123.08, 123.08 and 124.5 and Standard Error values 1.99, 1.99 and 2.0 rescpectively. Validation of the models was carried out using student Ttest and Ratkowsky returned the best model with t-Statistics value of 0.02. Therefore, Ratkowsky model was adjudged as the best model for describing DBH and Height relationship in Arakanga Forest Reserve.

Keywords: Tree Height-Diameter, Arakanga, Forest Reserve and Abeokuta


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print ISSN: 2141-1778