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A calibrated, watershed-specific SCS-CN method as applied to Kainji Dam watershed in Niger State, Nigeria

I.Y. Yerima
J.J. Musa
M.Y. Otache
P.C. Eze
A.I. Kuti


This paper explores the application of a calibrated, watershed-specific soil conservation service curve number (SCS-CN) method to the Kainji dam watershed in Niger State, Nigeria, addressing the challenges and opportunities associated with its implementation. The SCS-CN method is versatile and popular for quick runoff estimation is relatively easy to use with minimum data and it gives adequate results. This study presents a new CN0.056 of 59 against the conventional CN0.2 of 65. The E index increased by 5.2%, the BIAS of the predictive model was reduced by 58.3% and the model's RSS was lowered by 12.1%. In the event of rapid urbanization and climate change, SCS practitioners can conduct regional-specific calibration for the SCS model as proposed to derive region and time-period-specific CN values for the Nigerian watershed.

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print ISSN: 2141-1778