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Assessment of Growth Dynamics of Tree Species in Snr2, Akure Forest Reserve, Nigeria

OJ Pelemo, CO Adeofun, CS Osudiala, AC Adetogun


The study assessed the growth dynamics of tree population in SNR2, Akure Forest Reserve, Ondo state, Nigeria between 1974 and 2004. Each of the seven blocks [A-G] were enumerated in 2004 for their  stem  frequencies  and  girth  at  breast  height,  these  were  compared  with  corresponding measurements in  1974. They were used to calculate the Survival Percentages, Mean Annual Increment, and Mortality Rates. The results showed that there were 2580 stems in 2004 as against 3678 stems in 1974. The enumerated species frequency encountered in 2004 showed a reduction in all the blocks against 1974. The Survival Percentage ranged from 92, 90, 82, 53, 52, 50, and 50 in blocks C, B, D, A, E, G and F respectively in descending order. The Mortality Rate per year over the period are 9, 8, 7, 7, 3, 2 and 2 in blocks G, F, E, A, D, B and C respectively. The results further from showed that there was an average of 157 stems lost in each block for the period [1974-2004]. The study recommended the current protection status should be maintained so as to enhance the management of the forest on sustainable basis.

Keywords: Tree population, girth at breast height, Mean Annual Increment, Survival Percentage and Mortality Rates

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