Perceptions and Involvement of Neighbouring Communities of Kainji Lake National Park towards the Parks Conservation Programmes

  • C Akosim
  • AS Bode
  • BT Kwaga
  • EE Dishan
Keywords: Perception, Involvement, Neighbouring Communities, National Park, Conservation programmes


This study investigated the level of awareness of the neighbouring communities of Kainji Lake National Park about the reasons for the establishment of the park and the laws protecting it. The study also assessed the local residents' perception of the park's programmes, the impacts of the programme on the socio-economic status of the residents and their developmental needs with a view to eliciting their support for the park's programmes. Multi stage sampling techniques involving the use of structured questionnaires and oral interviews were used in obtaining information from the residents in the 21 communities surrounding the park. Results obtained depicted a very high level of awareness about the existence of the park (96.8%), reasons for creating the park (94.3%) and the laws governing the park (91.6%). In spite of the respondents claim that the park project has made them poorer (68.7%), majority of them (66.8%) still felt strongly that the project is a good one and therefore supported its existence. The most desirous of the developmental needs that could elicit the support of the local residents include; electricity, credit facilities, agricultural inputs, water, education and health in that order. The provision of these social and economic needs will no doubt ensure a harmonious coexistence with the support zone communities with the attendant accomplishment of the goals of the National park Project.

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print ISSN: 2141-1778