The Medical and Social Dynamics of Ogbanje as an Occult and Paranormal in Nigeria

  • OOC Uche
  • MC Uche


Prior articles indicate the existence of ogbanje in Igboland but knowledge
about its social and medical dynamics as an occult and paranormal is  relatively lacking. This paper is therefore set to address this gap in knowledge by adopting primary and secondary sources of data collection on the Medical and Social Dynamics of ogbanje ascribed as an occult and paranormal in  Nigeria. This has become necessary in order to disabuse the mind of the  public that ogbanje has nothing to offer in collaborative African studies.  Patriotism calls for an inward look at the nature of African belief system.  Exploring ogbanje through descriptive and analytical research, this paper has  a valuable base line for the Medical and Social analysis of  ogbanje and has ultimately identifies its functional use in Nigeria. The study has corrected the deep ignorance held concerning the ascribed Medical and Social Dynamics of ogbanje. It has opened a new academic study which could offer deeper insight when approached from different disciplines.

Journal Identifiers

print ISSN: 2006-5442