Women and economic development: Igbo women example

  • GI Udechukwu


National development has been a universal issue. Every country wants to develop in all areas of life and the development of a nation starts with the development of the communities that make up the nation. In some countries like America, China, Germany and so on, the development of their economy is the major area of importance over other sectors of life. They ensured that their citizens are provided with food and other economic materials that will help to improve and sustain life. Here in Nigeria, is it so? What should be done to improve the economic development of the country and to bring about national development? To achieve this, the government should involve women in their pursuit for economic development by looking into the grassroots economic development of different communities of the country and see how they will encourage them in order to harness their products for economic development. This work will answer these questions above by looking into the economic development of Igbo women which if the government adopts, will help to improve the country’s economy thereby bringing national development.