Journal of Religion and Human Relations

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Global inequality and care of the environment: a political and ethical consideration

Emefiena Ezeani Ph.D, Chiedu A Onyiloha PhD


For a long time now, care of the environment has been a major social, political and ethical issue because of environmental pollution, and because of wastage and the threat to lives on earth which results from environmental abuse. In spite of this awareness, the fight against environmental destruction does not seem to be yielding reasonable positive results. Resources of the earth continue to be exploited uncontrollably with equanimity. While people's environmental rights are trampled upon, little heed is paid to people's environmental duties. The inequality amongst nations of the earth, this paper argues, has enormous implication for environment and its care. While environmental pollution is caused by over-consumption of the earth's resources by the West, in the Derailed Countries or economically-less developed nations of the world, hunger and the search for means of sustenance contributes to environmental pollution. In order to ensure and sustain adequate care of the environment, the highly industrialised nations must not only take the lead but also approach the environmental duty of humanity with every seriousness and sincerity.Every political step towards the environment, no doubt,has ethical implications for everyone in the state.Thewriters adopt interdisciplinary research toolsfrom the Political and Ethical sciences. Historical and phenomenological methods employed in this paper are aimed at resonating with the core issues with their consequences for the society. At the end, theresearch makes a clarion call to the society for global equality in the consumption of the goods of the environment and also for all men and women to love, cherishes and cares for the environment--- as political and ethical duties.

Keywords: Global inequality, Care, Environment, Ethics, Environmental, Rights and Duties

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