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Christianity and Islamic encounter in North Africa: its ambivalence

Patrick Enoch Nmah


My efforts in this research work have been geared towards x-raying Christianity in North Africa, its setbacks and growth. The study revealed the controversies over the person of Christ, which was partly the cause of the scourge or division among Christians in North Africa. In the course of this research work, I observed that the challenges posed a threat to the existence of Christianity in North Africa. Findings also showed the strengths and weaknesses of Christianity in North Africa, the effects of the doctrinal controversies, and the aftermath of the encounter between Christianity and Islam in North Africa. The objective of this research work is to present a way forward against similar issue in future. The work recommended that the doctrine of the church should be harmonized to avoid such scourge in future among Christians. Methods of approach are historical and phenomenological methods coupled with the review of related extant material.

Keywords: origin, Coptic Church, strength, weakness, lasting heritage, challenges.

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