Formation of Christian conscience for the common good in Nigerian politics

  • Aghamelu Fidelis Chuka


The question of the formation of Christian in the context of Nigeria's politics has become an imperative. It is definitely the most obligatory imperative for the survival of Christianity and the Nigerian polity. With the upsurge of relentless religiously inspired terrorism against Christianity, coupled with the official assent to such terrorism, the Christian conscience comes in as a proper response to this callous situation, and as measure of authentic Christian personality. Bound in conscience to actively participate in the life of Nigerian politics, the Christian must resolutely defend the call for an enduring system of justice as the basis for evolving a common community living within our pluralist body polity. This does not warrant laxism but forthrightness. This position is arrived at by a social critique of our politics.


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print ISSN: 2006-5442