Journal of Religion and Human Relations

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On the Origin and Principles of Igwebuike Philosophy

Ikechukwu Anthony Kanu


Every philosophical position has an origin and the principles that guide or gives value to the pattern of thought in question. The origin is usually the result of a reaction to a particular circumstance that is either real or conceptual. This work is a response to the questions of the origin and principles of Igwebuike philosophy, and more so, the question of its peculiarity: is it a philosophy that is common only to the Igbo or is it a philosophy that has a universal  relevance? This work has argued that Igwebuike is a philosophy that is  described with an Igbo word, however, with a universal relevance and appeal. Reacting to the question of the basic principles on which Igwebuike philosophy stands, this work discussed the four basic principles of Igwebuike philosophy. These principles include: the principle of identity, the principle of contrariety, the principle of hierarchy and the principle of unity. For the purpose of this research, the indigenous wholistic method of inquiry was employed.

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