Civilisation and Economic Recession as Retardants to Communication Inherent in Efe, Gelede and Zangbeto Total Theatre Performance: The Cultural and Creative Arts Overview

  • Kojusotito Olatunji Idowu
  • Mufutau Oluwakemi Oriola
Keywords: Efe, Gelede, Zangbeto, Social vice, Civilisation, Economic Recession


This paper examined economic recession and civilization as retardants of Efe, Gelede and Zangbeto traditional annual propitiatory festivals among the Yewa, Anago and Gun people of Southwest Nigeria, notable with total theatrical performances. The festivals aimed to control social vices and cleanse the community by exposing culprits who faced the consequences. Interviews were conducted on adherents and findings showed that lack of sponsorship and superimposition of Western beliefs have retarded the celebrations, evident in low-key practices with less theatrical performances. The paper suggests that government should improve on these traditional practices for the security and well-being of the society.


Journal Identifiers

print ISSN: 2006-5442