Church and Cultural Conflict in Nigeria, 1870-1930: A Factor for Religio-Cultural Renaissance

  • PE Nmah


This paper presents the conflict between missionaries and Nigeria people's religion and culture. Some theologians and religious scholars do not offer any practical recipes in dealing with the major pressing problems of human relations that face us today in respect of mission and culture. Fundamentally, it is that social anthropologists have added significantly to our understanding of the basic social and cultural institutions which, everywhere, bind human beings into living communities (Beattie, 1980). And many of the citizens of Nigeria including that of highly advanced modern states today think of people of other beliefs, races, nations or cultures in ways, which are not very different from these, especially if their skin is differently pigmented, or if they hold other religions or political faiths. The proper examination of these problems engages the aim of this paper. The method of approach is historical with the review of relevant literature.

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print ISSN: 2006-5442