Igbo man’s Belief in Prayer for the Betterment of Life

  • I Okodo


The Igbo man believes in Chukwu strongly. The Igbo man expects all he needs for the betterment of his life from Chukwu. He worships Chukwu traditionally. His religion, the African Traditional Religion, was existing before the white man came to the Igbo land of Nigeria with his Christianity. The Igbo man believes that he achieves a lot by praying to Chukwu. It is by prayer that he asks for the good things of life. He believes that prayer has enough efficacy to elicit mercy from Chukwu. This paper shows that the Igbo man, to a large extent, believes that his prayer contributes in making life better for him. It also makes it clear that he says different kinds of prayer that are spontaneous or planned, private or public.

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print ISSN: 2006-5442