Aspects epidemiologiques et diagnostiques des stenoses caustiques de l’oesophage au Togo

  • K Attipou
  • K Gnassingbe
  • E Sewa
  • D Kombate
  • K James
Keywords: esophageal caustic’s stenoses, epidemiological aspects, diagnosis, Togo


Objective: To determine the frequency, the incidence and the diagnosis aspects of caustic’s stenoses of esophagus, for better therapeutics care.
Methods: It is retrospective surgery on folders at nine surgical departments in Togo for a period of 11 years.
Results: Two hundred and ninety six out of 5253 patients admitted within 11 years (5.63%) for caustic’s products ingestion have had caustic’s stenoses of esophagus. The annual incidence was 26.91 cases per year. Most of patients were male with a sex ratio of 1,41. The
middle age of our patients was 27 years. The majority of the patients belong to moderate social and economical class. Bases (41.22)% were the most caustic’s products incriminated , follows by acids (21.96%). The clinical symptomatologies were dominated by dysphagia (100%). Digestive endoscopy was realised in 83.78% cases and the eso-gastro-duodenal transit in 100% cases.
Conclusion: The esophageal caustic’s stenoses are still serious diseases. It has been essentially caused by ingestion of bases products, mostly for suicide.

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eISSN: 2413-354X
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