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Interpersonal Conflicts and Styles of Managing Conflicts among Students at Bahir Dar University, Ethiopia

Arega Bazezew
Mulugeta Neka


Interpersonal conflict happens everywhere and at any time and is inherent in all societies. However, the methods of managing such conflict are quite different from one organisation to the other. The general objective of the study was to assess interpersonal conflicts and styles of managing conflicts among students at Bahir Dar University. Mixed-methods research composed of quantitative and qualitative approaches was implemented for the study. One‑way Multivariate Analysis of Variance was employed to identify the interaction effect between dependent and independent variables. The study showed that the major sources of conflicts were ethnic differences, religious diversity, sexual abuse, theft and insulting. It was also noted that compromising, avoiding and collaborating were frequently used conflict management styles between students. It is recommended that university leaders and students be expected to understand the real causes of conflicts for healthier management styles.

Keywords conflict, conflict management, student experience, diversity, ethnicity, gender, undergraduate studies, Ethiopia