Paving the Road to Success: A Framework for Implementing the Success Tutoring Approach Danie de Klerk,** Tshepiso Maleswena*** & Andrew Jones

  • Linda Spark
  • Danie de Klerk
  • Tshepiso Maleswena
  • Andrew Jones
Keywords: higher education, non-academic support, student success, student support, tutorial approach, tutorial framework


The exponential growth of higher education enrolment in South Africa has resulted in increased diversity of the student body, leading to a proliferation of factors that affect student performance and success. Various initiatives have been adopted by tertiary institutions to mitigate the negative impact these factors may have on student success, and it is suggested that interventions that include aspects of social integration are the most successful. This paper outlines an approach called Success Tutoring (a non-academic tutorial approach used as part of a student success and support programme in the Faculty of Commerce, Law, and Management at the University of the Witwatersrand), which is underscored by empirical evidence drawn from evaluation data collected during Success Tutor symposia. The authors draw conclusions and make recommendations based on a thematic analysis of the dataset, and ultimately provide readers with a framework for implementing Success Tutoring at their tertiary institutions.

Keywords higher education; non-academic support; student success; student support; tutorial approach; tutorial framework

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eISSN: 2307-6267