Journal of Surgical Technique and Case Report

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Preventing Inadvertent Placement of Foley Catheter into Prostatic Urethra During Suprapubic Trocar Cystostomy: A Simple Face‑saver Trick

R Yadav, D Dalela, D Dalela, R Kathpalia, A Goel, SN Sankhwar


During suprapubic cystostomy using standard technique, there always remains a chance of accidental migration of foley catheter through bladder neck into prostatic urethra. We herein present a point of technique in which by keeping the direction of cannula slot toward umbilicus and making it vertical or slightly tilting its tip toward umbilicus during foley placement, prevents the inadvertent migration of catheter into prostatic urethra and further complications.

Key words: Catheter migration, foley catheter, suprapubic cystostomy
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