Assessment of Maternal Postpartum Depression: Implication for Social Work Practice in Nigeria

  • Precious O. Anyaegbu
  • Blessing N. Ramsey-Soroghaye


Globally, the care and attention needed before, during and after child delivery by women is important and must be fully given to prevent anxiety,  depression and other health challenges likely to emerge. Maternal healthcare services must cover both the physical and psychological well-being of  women and children. This care and attention are important as the lack of it lead to maternal morbidity, neonatal deaths and paternal depression and this  affects society to a large extent. Hence, social workers must understand their roles in preventing factors and forces that lead to postpartum depression  to ensure better social functioning. This study used a secondary method of data collection. Data were sourced online and relevant information related to  the study was utilized. The study recommended that the health of women should be of utmost priority as the role of women in childbirth cannot be  overemphasized. Also, the assessment for psychosocial stress and provision of support for fathers and mothers from the early stage of pregnancy and  after childbirth is important and must be strictly adhered to. The study concludes that men and caregivers of women who have just given birth to a  child/children should be counselled by social workers preferably on the need to use the right words and attention on the woman who has put to bed to  enable her to enjoy the phase of motherhood.


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