Medical Social Work Service Delivery as a tool for PostCOVID-19Crisis and Disaster Management in South-West Nigeria

  • Isaiah Mobolaji Ojedokun


The study investigated the medical social work service delivery as a tool for postCOVID-19 crisis and disaster management in South-West Nigeria. The function of social workers in the hospital as helping professionals is yet to be fully understood by Nigerian urban settlers. A descriptive survey research  design was adopted and a multistage sampling technique was also adopted for the study. One hundred and fifty medical social workers that were  purposively selected served as respondents. Descriptive statistics of frequency count, simple percentages, Pearson Product Moment Correlation, and  Regression Analysis were used as statistical tools. The result showed that medical service delivery predicts crisis management in south-west Nigeria. The  result further showed that medical service delivery also predicts effective disaster management. Also, the independent variable had a significant joint  effect on the dependent variables. It was concluded that medical social work service delivery predicts the management of both crises and disasters  presented at the healthcare facilities. The study thus recommends that crisis and disaster management should be art of the social work curriculum at all  levels of social work studies. Staff welfare packages should be commensurate with the enormous workload carried out by medical social workers during  crises and disasters.


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eISSN: 1115-3946