Journal of Tropical Microbiology and Biotechnology

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A short communication-Enhancement of growth of fungi commonly associated with passion fruits (Passiflora edulis Sims) on media of passion origin

MA Ismail


Four natural agar media designed for the first time from peel and juice of both pure and hybrid passion fruits grown in Uganda were used to compare growth of 22 isolates of 18 species of the most commonly associated mycobiota with passion fruits. The majority of isolates tested was enhanced on both juice agar media (PPJA & HPJA), however at varying levels, than on both peel agar media (PPPA & HPPA) in comparison with those on CYA, with the least enhancement being recorded on HPPA. This suggests that juice from both passion types may possess some components make it much more promotive for the growth of mycobiota than peel does. Moreover, peel of hybrid origin seems to have specific inhibitory components.

Key Words: Fruits, natural media, passion juice agar, passion peel agar, Uganda.

Journal of Tropical Microbiology Vol.3 2004: 84-87
AJOL African Journals Online