Journal of Science and Technology (Ghana)

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Evaluating the level of physical transformation of houses in gated communities in Ghana

J. A. Danquah, S. O. Afram, P. A. Ofori


The upsurge of real estate housing within Accra has resulted in all manner of gated communities springing up across the city scape. These seek to provide housing services to the desperate urban dweller. The quality of their services has however been brought to question due to lack of a proper regulatory body to oversee their work. Recent studies indicate the emergence of physical transformations. This research sought to investigate the conditions and reasons underlying these housing transformations. A case study approach, with a mix of both qualitative and quantitative methods were adopted in determining the conditions of the houses. The relative important index was also used in ranking the various factors that led to these physical transformations. The study revealed that 41% of the houses have undergone transformations with external works, fenetrations, and mechanical and engineering services being most parts affected. Major reasons given for transformation were poor ventilation and lighting. The study recommends amongst others that the government should institute a special regulatory body backed by law with regular assessment from the occupants in order to check the performance of real estate developers.

Keywords: Gated community, real estates, physical transformation, housing
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