Journal of Science and Technology (Ghana)

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Analysis of gender representation in basic level English textbooks in Ghana

F. N.K. Nunoo, D. P. Mensah, E. Adu Boahen, I. E. N. Nunoo


Textbooks are known to influence the behaviours and worldview of children. Apart from imparting critical knowledge to pupils, textbooks also encourage pupils to form certain perceptions and stereotypes, including the ‘appropriate’ gender-specific roles in society. This paper examined gender stereotypes in the content and design of the Pupil’s English textbook at the Basic Level in Ghana using content analysis. The study revealed that, as teaching materials, the English Pupil’s Books 1, 2 and 3 displayed gross gender bias that reinforces the stereotypical roles of males and females in Ghanaian society. This does not reflect the development of society towards equality between men and women since there was no equality in how both genders are represented in the textbooks.

Keywords: Gender; stereotype; gender stereotype; textbooks


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