Pathological and Ultrastructural features of Equine Klossiellosis

  • P K Gathumbi
  • V Varma
  • C W Wells


The report described a microscopic detection of Klossiellosis equi in the kidney of a donkey. Sporogonic (asexual) stages were frequently seen than sexual stages. These occurred as masses of multiple dividing nuclei within a parasitopholous vacuole in the cytoplasm of renal epithelial cells. The dividing nuclei migrated towards the periphery of the developing sporoblast and budded off from the parasitopholous vacuole, as sporocysts containing varying numbers of small dark sporozoites. Budding of these nuclei has been demonstrated in this study. Sexual stages, represented by fusion of microgametes and macrogametes within the parasitophorous vacuoles were also demonstrated in the epithelial cells. A compensatory hypertrophy of the renal epithelial cells. Was observed in association with the parasites.

The Kenya Veterinarian Vol. 21 2001: pp. 45-48

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eISSN: 0256-5161