Pneumonic Pasteurellosis Complicated by Coccidiosis and Helminthiasis in Goats: A Case Report

  • AI Kisani
  • CA Akwuobu
  • N Wachida
Keywords: West African Dwarf goats, Pasteurella multocida, coccidiosis, helminthiasis


Two adult brown West African Dwarf goats were presented to the large animal clinic unit of the Veterinary Teaching Hospital, University of Agriculture, Makurdi because of respiratory distress, nasal discharges, anorexia, weakness and diarrhoea. The goats were examined and blood and faecal samples were collected and taken to clinical pathology and parasitology laboratories respectively. Nasal swab was also taken to microbiology laboratory for culture and sensitivity test. The haematology result was within normal limit. Faecal examination showed Eimeria Oocyst and ova of strongyle. Pasteurella multocida was isolated from the nasal swab. The animals were dewormed with ivermectin 200ìg/kg and treated with sulphadimidine subcutaneously for five days. The animals recovered after the treatments and were discharged.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 0256-5161