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Vol 15 (1991) Rabies, Microbesnoitosis and Sarcosystosis in a Lioness From Nairobi National Park Abstract
O Bwangamoi, D Rottcher, C Wekesa
Vol 31, No 2 (2007) Radiographic features of laminitic claws of dairy cows around Nairobi. Abstract
J Nguhiu-Mwangi, PM Mbithi, JK Wabacha,, PG Mbuthia
Vol 15 (1991) Reflections on Private Veterinary Practice in Kenya Abstract
J G Wandera
Vol 27 (2004): Special Issue 2004 Relative Occurrence of Fasciola species in cattle, sheep and goats slaughtered at Dagoretti slaughterhouse in Kenya Abstract
F M Njeru, J M Kithuka, N Maingi, J N Ombui
Vol 33, No 1 (2009) Research Article: Animal Welfare The Impact of Customized Lectures on Knowledge and Perceptions of Veterinary Students on Animal Welfare and Related Legislations Abstract
JW Aleri, EGM Mogoa, CM Mulei, JD Mande
Vol 33, No 1 (2009) Research Article: Food Animal Practice Bovine Papillomatosis and its Management with an Autogenous Virus Vaccine in Kiambu District, Kenya Abstract
AG Thaiya, P Gitau, GK Gitau, PN Nyaga
Vol 34 (2010) Research Article: Parasitology Tsetse and Livestock Disease Situation in a Ranch and Surrounding Farms of Makueni District, Kenya Abstract
MOK Mochabo, RE Changasi, G Muriuki, LM Godiah, SM Karanja
Vol 33, No 1 (2009) Research Articles: Pharmacology and Toxicology Acute toxicity of Nicandra physaloides (L) Gaertn in Cattle and Mice Abstract
JK Muthee, JM Mbaria, AG Thaiya, DW Gakuya
Vol 29 (2005) Screening for Biological Activity of Solanum incanum and Conyza sumatresnsis Using the Isolated Rabbit Intestine Abstract
M Mathiu, P M Mbugua, J Mugweru
Vol 38, No 1 (2014) Seasonality and occurrence of canine babesiosis in Nairobi and its environs in changing climatic patterns Abstract
JKN Thuo, JW Aleri, JMA Kitaa, CM Mulei
Vol 37, No 1 (2013) Seroprevalence of Rift Valley Fever (RVF) in cattle, sheep and goats in four Districts in North West Somalia (Somaliland) Abstract
YK Elnaker
Vol 34 (2010) Sero-surveillance of Rift Valley fever in sheep and goat flocks in high risk areas in Kenya Abstract
HM Kariithi, YS Binepal, WC Wilson, RK Soi, LO Ateya, AA Oriko
Vol 22 (2001) Short-term economic impact of Foot and Mouth disease outbreak in a large Diary Farm in Kiambu District, Kenya Abstract
C M Mulei, J K Wabacha, P M Mbithi
Vol 28 (2005) Some Causes of Poor Performance and Chick Mortality in Farmed Ostriches in Alabama (USA) and Kenya Abstract
P W Kanyari, T A Ngatia, P M Mathiu, A Oyejide, K K Srivastave
Vol 29 (2005) Some Clinical Features of Osteoarthritis of the Hip Joint in Adult Dogs in Kenya Abstract
J D Mande, S W Mbugua, I B Buoro, P M Mbithi, P K Gathumbi
Vol 27 (2004): Special Issue 2004 Some Constraints and Opportunities in the Privatization of Animal Breeding Services in Kenya Abstract
E G Mogoa, J M Omiti, C O Bwanga, V T Tsuma
Vol 18 (1994) Some Zoonotic Diseases of Fish Abstract
P G Mbuthia
Vol 22 (2001) Staphylococcal milk poisoning in calves Abstract
T A Ngatia, N Ojango
Vol 29 (2005) Stereological Methods for Estimation of Total Number of Particles in an Organ Abstract
D K Mwangi, S G Kiama
Vol 14 (1990) Surgical Conditions of the Urinary Tract in Cattle Abstract
D O Kihurani
Vol 14 (1990) Suspected Aflatoxin Poisoning in Poultry: A Case Report Abstract
H C Mbugua, J B Etale
Vol 30, No 1 (2006) Systemic Mastocytosis Associated with Liver Failure in an Adult German Shepherd Dog Abstract
N P Gitonga, J M Kitaa, P G Mbuthia
Vol 34 (2010) Testicular biometry and epididymal sperm reserve in local sheep of Kashmir valley Abstract
HK Bhattacharyya, DM Makhdoomi, AH Akand
Vol 27 (2004): Special Issue 2004 Testing for Antibodies to Brucella abortus in Milk From Consumers and Market Agents in Kenya Using Milk Ring Test and Enzyme Immunoassay Abstract
E K Kang'ethe, S M Arimi, A O Omore, J J McDermott, J G Nduhiu, J K Macharia, A Githua
Vol 28 (2005) The Ability of Phenylbutazone and Dexamethazone to Modulate Postoperative Phenomena in Cattle Abstract
P M Mbithi, S E Mitema
Vol 36, No 1 (2012) The African Green Monkey (Cercopithecus aethiops) as a non-human primate model for infections with Cyclospora Cayetanensis Abstract
PN Nguhiu, CN Wamae, JK Magambo, SD Yole
Vol 35, No 1 (2011) The antibacterial activity of some medicinal plants used in Meru Central District, Kenya Abstract
JK Musau, JM Mbaria, DW Gakuya
Vol 22 (2001) The Benefits of East Coast Fever Immunization (Ecfim) in East Coast Fever Disease (EFC) Control in Kenya Abstract
M Ndua, W Wanyanga, N Kariuki, P Odago, S J Kieth
Vol 14 (1990) The Chicken Urinary System: Developmental Anatomy and Disease Conditions Abstract
H C Mbugua
Vol 15 (1991) The Ecology and Biology of Saiga (Saiga tatarrica linneaus) Found in the Precaspian Steppe of Kalmyiky Abstract
W O Ogara
Vol 18 (1994) The effect of Graded Dosages of Bovine Somatropin on Milk Production of Sahiwal-Brown Swiss Crossbred Dairy Cows in the Coastal Region on Kenya Abstract
T A Ngatia, S Gacugia, C Kalua, F Andriaens, D L Hard
Vol 18 (1994) The Effect of Improved Reproductive Herd Health on Milk Production From Peri-urban Dairy Farms Abstract
E R Mutiga, S J Munyua, V T Tsuma
Vol 37, No 1 (2013) The effective eradication and control strategies for tsetse and trypanosomiasis the Kenyan experience Abstract
CH Wanga, L Munga
Vol 35, No 1 (2011) The Functional Morphology and Adaptations of the Epididymis in a Testicndid Mammal, The Rufous Sengi (Elephantulus rufescens). Abstract
ML Kisipan, AN Makanya, D Oduor-Okelo, DW Onyango
Vol 31, No 1 (2007) The importance of vaginal cytology and challenges encountered when investigating infertility cases of breeding bitches in Kenya Abstract
N P Gitonga, G J Agumbah, V T Tsuma
Vol 21 (2001) The Lady Veterinarian - Non-traditional Roles Abstract
M-A Ihiga
Vol 27 (2004): Special Issue 2004 The Microbiological quality and some physico-chemical aspects of river, tap and recreational water samples from Nairobi City (Kenya) Abstract
P B Gathra, S M Kariuki, J M Mathenga
Vol 28 (2005) The Pathophysiology and Clinical Management of Degenerative Joint Disease Abstract
J D Mande, P M Mbithi, S W Mbugua, I B Buoro, P K Gathumbi
Vol 33, No 1 (2009) The Pharmacokinetics of Pyrethrins in Lactating and Non-LactatingEwes After Oral and Subcutaneous Administration Abstract
JM Mbaria, ES Mitema, TE Maitho
Vol 27 (2004): Special Issue 2004 The Potential Role Played by Various Livestock Intermediate Hosts in the Transmission of Hydatidosis in Kenya Abstract
P N Ndirangu, F M Njeruh, P B Gathura, M N Kyule
Vol 27 (2004): Special Issue 2004 The Prevalence of Hydatidosis in Slaughtered Livestock in Kenya Abstract
P N Ndirangu, F M Njeruh, P B Gathura, M N Kyule
Vol 22 (2001) The role of Veterinarians in areas with persistent failure of rain (Drought Stricken areas) Abstract
S H Maloo, M B Kenyanjui
Vol 31, No 1 (2007) The Ultrastructural Dynamics of Parasite-Host Cell Interactions as demonstrated in Besnoitia besnoiti (Apicomplexa, Protozoa): Abstract
O N Njagi, R Entzeroth, P N Nyaga, A J Musoke
Vol 14 (1990) The Use of Clinical Pathology in the Diagnosis of Urinary Tract Diseases in Animals Abstract
C M Mulei
Vol 21 (2001) The use of Ultrasound in distinguishing complications of the Jugular Vein arising from Intravenous Catheters and Injections in Horses Abstract
D O Kihurani, G Schusser
Vol 18 (1994) The Veterinarians' Role in the AIDS Crisis Abstract
K W Wameyo
Vol 21 (2001) Total Mixed Rations Verses Traditional Feeding of Dairy Cows: Which way to go? Abstract
C K Gachuiri, R G Wahome
Vol 15 (1991) Towards a More Comprehensive Analysis of Cattle Production Efficiency Abstract
A Omore
Vol 30, No 1 (2006) Transmissible Venereal Tumor with Subcutaneous and Bone Metastasis in a Dog Abstract
T O Abuom, J D Mande
Vol 15 (1991) Transmission of Bovine Petechial Fever Using Tick Homogenates Abstract
G O Idiawo, G Laboso
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