AFRREV LALIGENS: An International Journal of Language, Literature and Gender Studies

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The importance of Feminist Political Philosophy

EE Etta, OO Asukwo


In spite of the erroneous claim of superiority by males over their females’ counterpart in various spheres of human endeavours, it has become necessary to state that there is no need for such pride and irrational belief. Experiences in recent years have shown that such claims no longer hold water. This paper believes that man in the generic understanding as a socio-political being include womanhood. Hence, giving women equal opportunity in polity is to help them bring out those feminine qualities to balance political equation and complementation of political values exhibited by men. In this connection, this paper determines to highlight those silent but salient areas of significance of women. And also to stress a point that discrimination against women amounts to demotion of manhood in our societies.

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